We are pleased to announce that all Wireless Tags PRO you buy on or after May 27 will include these exclusive updates:

  • Choosing too hot/too cold temperature monitoring thresholds at 0.02°C step:
    The Wireless Tag PRO uses the same digital temperature and humidity sensor IC as Wireless Tag (with 13-bit temperature/humidity) which has a resolution of 0.02°C (13-bit). However, until now thresholds were stored in 8-bit numbers, so you were only able to set thresholds at ~0.6°C step (the accuracy of the threshold is unchanged with this update). This update is especially powerful when used in conjunction with Nest/Honeywell WiFi thermostats, because you are now able to regulate temperature much more precisely using too hot/too cold events from sensor tags.
  • Programmable sampling-rate for temperature monitoring:
    This allows trading off battery consumption with the response time of the tag to temperature events. Because the tag only transmits readings when the temperature crosses a threshold, not when every time it samples (checks if temperature is too high or too low), setting a fast sampling-rate like every 30 seconds has much less impact on battery life than setting a 30 second auto-update interval.
  • Hardware delayed notification:
    When you are using the tag to monitor temperature inside a fridge or freezer, your purpose is to get notified when the compressor breaks down or exhibit chronic problems. You probably don't want to get notified when temperature increases temporarily because the fridge/freezer door is opened for loading/unloading. "Delayed notification" allows the too-hot or too-cold event to be transmitted only when the sensor reads too-hot or too-cold for a programmable number of times, in a row. A similar feature is available currently in a KumoApp script but it was based on auto-update/logging data points, and drained battery more quickly because a relatively short auto-update interval must be used for it to work. 

New temperature options in Web/Android and iOS (2.4.11+) available with the new Wireless Tag PRO

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  • Posted by Natalie Mari on November 24, 2020

    Could this tag be used with an ultra low temperature freezer (-80C)? We want something that will send a text to (a) phone(s) if the freezer gets too warm. Is that possible?

  • Posted by Michael Rafko on August 06, 2019

    Do you have a tag that senses position? Can I use the light sensor function by using a cover over the sensor that is attached to the part I am monitoring movement so when it moves the cover would move off the sensor and light up sensor. When the part moves back over the light sensor would it count it again – I prefer not.

  • Posted by Michael P Carter on January 23, 2019

    Are there any devices that will give me temp and relative humidity with a waterproof probe? I use a tag with manager but the tag just won’t handle any splatter from rain. Thanks

  • Posted by Dennis Filer on January 22, 2016

    Can the units be set for the temp they are reading, for example I place the tag on a fitting that is 125 degrees F, what I’m really checking is the fluid inside the pipe that is actually 20 degrees warmer so I want to adjust the temp that the unit is sending by 20 degrees.

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